Tuesday, June 27th

Half day excursion to Cerovac caves in Velebit Nature Park

Cerovac caves, located in the southern part of “Velebit Nature Park”, are among the most renowned and significant caves in Croatia. The complex consists of three caves (Lower, Middle and Upper) with about 7 km of explored channels. Tourists can visit first 700 m of the Lower and Upper Caves. These caves are rich in artefacts and are one of the sites with most abundant cave bear remains in Croatia.


Thursday, June 29th

Whole day excursion to several locations within Krka National Park

Krka National Park covers a total area of 109 km² of the loveliest sections of the Krka River, and the lower course of the Čikola River. The national park is a vast and primarily unaltered area of exceptional natural value, including one or more preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems. Krka River springs the foothills of the Dinara mountain range and along its 72.5 km long path towards Adriatic Sea builds seven tufa barriers with total drop in altitude of 242 m.