Instructions for Abstracts Preparation

Abstracts in Croatian and English should be prepared according to appended template which could be find on the web page of the Conference : under the  Abstracts Preparation.

Participants with presentations are requested to submit abstracts with the indicated topic and preferred way of presentation (oral or poster), in Croatian and English, according to the template, by June 15th, 2024, to the email address:


Plenary lectures are scheduled to last 30 minutes (including a short discussion within this time framework), and the other oral presentations will last 15 minutes (including a possible short discussion after each presentation within this time framework). Common discussion of oral and poster presentations will be held at the end of each program topic. A final joint discussion is planned after all the presentations have been completed. The time allocated for the presentation have to be strictly respected and in case of exceeding it the presentation will be interrupted and stopped by the moderator. Oral presentations should be prepared as a PowerPoint presentation, preferably in English, and authors decide in which language they will speak (Croatian or English).

Presentations should be sent until September 24th 2024, to the e-mail address : or on USB memory sticks to the technical service no later than 30 minutes before the official start of the Conference.


The provided area for displaying the poster is 140 cm high x 90 cm wide; adhesion tape will be provided, and the posters will be displayed for the entire duration of the Conference. Posters must be put up on Thursday afternoon and taken down on Saturday after the last section. Posters should contain the title, names of authors and institutions, address and contact.