1st International Meeting One Health in Zadar: Global Approach to Global Health






We are glad to invite you to participate to the 1st International Meeting One Health in Zadar: Global Approach to Global Health that will be held at University of Zadar, Croatia, on June the 3rd 2019. The meeting will be an occasion for scientists from different countries to get together. We very welcome students and young scientists to present their work in poster session.

A deadline for abstract submission for oral and poster presentations is April the 30th. Please submit your abstracts to naskitarelic@unizd.hr. After peer reviewing the list of participants and final programme will be announced on May the 10th.

Accepted abstracts will be published in Medica Jadertina journal.

Participation to the congress is free of charge.

Sveučilište  u Zadru
Multimedijalna dvorana (117)
Ul. dr. Franje Tuđmana 24i
23000 Zadar





Monday, 3 June 2019

8.00 – 8.30 Registration

8.30 – 9.00 Welcoming


1st Session

9.00 – 9.15 1st keynote speaker: Suzana Tkalčić: One Health: Why? What? Where? and How?

9.15 – 9.30 2nd keynote speaker: Pedro P. Diniz: Bartonella defies Koch’s postulates

9.30 – 9.45 3rd keynote speaker: Tracey McNamara: The Species Gap: Are we better prepared for zoonotic threat than we were in 1999? Have the Lessons of West Nile virus been learned?

9.45 – 10.00 4th Keynote speaker: Gianfranco Romanazzi, Lucia Landi and Erica Feliziani: Innovative strategies based on the use of biostimulants to manage plant diseases and minimize the application of synthetic fungicides in grapevine and stone fruits

10.00–10.10 Slaven Zjalić, Jelena Loncar, Željko Jakopović, Jadranka Frece, Ksenija Markov: More environmental friendly strategies to control the presence of mycotoxins in food and feed

10.10–10.20 Boris Dželalija: Rickettsioses and Rickettsial diseases in Croatia

10.20–10.30 Tomislav Šarić, Ivan Župan, Matej Dolenec: Shellfish as biological indicators of environmental pollution in costal ecosystems

10.30–10.40 Jelena Čulin: Decoupling shipbreaking from environmental and social hazards: a call for action

10.40–10.50 Katarina Vukojević, Samir Ćanović,  Josipa Marin Lovrić, Ana Didović Pavičić, Suzana Konjevoda: Assessing literature of Vitamin D and diabetic retinopathy.

10.50–11.00 Nataša Skitarelić, Marija Vidaić, Neven Skitarelić: Children Vaccination in Zadar County

11.00–11.10 Anamarija Frankić: Healthy oysters for healthy seas: a biomimetic approach

Coffee break (11.10–11.30)


2nd Session

11.30 – 12.00 5th keynote speaker: Diane McClure: Biomedical research biosecurity leads to improvements in applied biosecurity and its assessment

12.00 – 12.15 6th Keynote speaker: Donna Shettko: Early Detection of Respiratory Infections in Villages Surrounding Mountain Gorilla Habitats

12.15 – 12.30 7th keynote speaker: Elizabeth F Schilling: The oral microbiota in health and disease

12.30 – 12.45 8th Keynote speaker: John Tegzes: The development of a universal snake antivenom

12.45–12.55 Alan Medić: Epidemiology of depression in Croatia

12.55–13.05 Andrija Finka: Molecular mechanisms of acquired thermotolerance in plants

13.05–13.15 Suzana Konjevoda, Samir Čanović, Ana Didović Pavičić, Josipa Marin Lovrić,  Katarina Vukojević: The role of Mediterranean diet in age macular degeneration

13.15–13.25 Janja Filipi, Maja Dražić, Ross N. Gillanders, James M.E. Glackin, Graham A. Turnbull, Nikola Kezić: Honeybees as biological indicators.

13.25–13.35 Vera Graovac Matassi: Recent mortality trends in Croatia

13.35–13.45 Zoran Šikić: The basic elements for the ecosystem health of the Vrana Lake Nature Park


Poster Session (9.00 – 13.00)

Stivena Markulin, Nataša Skitarelić: The breastfeeding in Zadar County-the impact of sociodemographic and psychobiological factors.

Ljubičić Marija, Burčul Ivona, Šare Sonja, Gusar Ivana, Matek Sarić Marijana: Maslow’s hierarchy of people with disability: Are they different from people without a disability?

Petra Božić, Marino Šarin, Jelena Lončar, Slaven Zjalić: The survey of the presence of the ochratoxigenic fungus in soil samples of the four vineyards in Zadar County

Alice Motola, Anamarija Frankic: Employment of furanones as a potential anti-infective and anti-fouling strategy in aquaculture

Paola Barić, Jelena Lončar, Slaven Zjalić.Presence of ochratoxigenic fungi on grape lievs in 4 vineyards in Zadar County

Vlatko Knežević, Josip Orović: Impact of ships exhaust gases emission on human health

Vjera Bilušić Vundać, Karla Pejčinović: Hypericum perforatum L. – overview of clinical effectivness and safety in treatment of depression

Katarina Butorac, Barbara Bellich, Martina Banić, Andreja Leboš Pavunc, Jasna Novak, Ksenija Durgo, Paola Cescutti, Roberto Rizzo, Slaven Zjalić, Jagoda Šušković, Blaženka Kos: Structural characterisation of the novel exopolysaccharide biosynthesised by potential probiotic strain Lactobacillus fermentum D12

Marijana Matek Sarić, Marija Ljubičić, Raquel Pinho Ferreira Guiné: Sources of Information about Dietary Fibre: A Cross-sectional Survey of 1034 Respondents from across Croatia

Neven Skitarelić, Jure Pupić Bakrač, Nataša Skitarelić, Lada Baković,  Martina Ćoza, Željko Čulina: Hypersensitivity to the pollen of Olea Europea in the Zadar County

Vjera Bilušić Vundać, Barbara Miković: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. – overview of phytochemistry, pharmacological and safety profile of standardised medicinal product.

Mateja Bubalo, Jelena Lončar, Antonia Lacić, Lucia Landi, Gianfranco Romanazzi, Slaven Zjalić: Occurrence of Ochratoxin A (OTA) on grapes in the province of Ancona, Italy.

Elizabeta Rogić, Lucijan Sikirić: Current zoonoses in Croatia

Željko Jakopović, Iva Čanak, Deni Kostelac, Jadranka Frece, Jasna Mrvčić, Damir Stanzer, Karla Hanousek Čiča, Jelena Lončar, Slaven Zjalić, Ksenija Markov: Effect of AFB1, OTA and ZEA as stressors on fermentation activity of industrial yeasts

Jozica Eškinja, Lucija Kekez, Emily Rak, Gianna Pavletić, Alen Medić: Plastic as a public Health problem.


13.35 -14. 00 Best Poster Awards and closing remarks