The conference will be held at the University of Zadar in City of Zadar and on three surrounding islands: Pag, Ugljan and Dugi otok.

The aim of holding the conference in the urban archipelago setting is to keep the attendees attuned and connected to the reality that islanders face when navigating an urban archipelago. The everyday life of a Croatian islander is rarely limited to the island. It is entangled amongst different perspectives that take the mainland into account first, thus, continually pulling the islander away from the island and into the mainland. Zadar itself was once an island until it was dredged to become a peninsula, a literal, physical connection to the mainland, showing the depths of a mainland strategy to overcome the perceived “island handicap”.

Zadar has a centuries-old university tradition, the longest in Croatia: following the tradition of ecclesiastical education, first mentioned in the 10th century, a Dominican higher education institution Studium generale, later known as the Universitas Iadertina, was founded as early as 14 June 1396. Today, the University of Zadar is the largest integrated University in the Republic of Croatia.

The main University building and main venue location are situated by the sea at Zadar peninsula. Its address is:

University of Zadar

Obala kralja P. Krešimira IV

23000 Zadar