Dear participants of the 9th InASEA conference,


As a part of this years’ conference attendees have the opportunity to participate in various excursions. All those interested to visit some of the historically and culturally significant locations in Zadar surroundings will have the opportunity to do so on the last day of the conference (30th September, Sunday).

Participants can choose between three different excursions:

1) ‘Zadar city of emotions’ guided excursion

Guided tour through Zadar starts at 09:30 AM at the square of Five wells. Throughout the tour, participants will be introduced to Zadars’ famous history and its most important historical and cultural sights. After the tour which will end around 11:00 AM, participants will have free time to explore Zadar by themselves.
*Minimum of 15 applicants.

2) ‘Benkovac, Nadin and Maškovića Han’ guided excursion;

Excursion to Nadin, Benkovac and Maškovića han starts at 09:00 AM in front of the hotel Donat. After short drive to Nadin participants of the conference will have the opportunity to visit remains of the Old town in Nadin. Guided tour will be continued in nearby town of Benkovac where we will visit Benkovac museum and introduced to its history and see its most interesting historical artefacts. The last stop is Maškovića han situated near Vrana lake and the town of Pakoštane. Built in 1664 by admiral of the Ottoman fleet (originally from Vrana) and reconstructed in 2017 with the help of EU funds, today Maškovića han hosts variety of tourists from Croatia and abroad. After short guided tour throughout the complex, participant will have free time to fresh up with free drinks and delicacies from local producers. Expected return to Zadar around 14:00 PM.
*Excursion will be organized in case we have more than 25 applicants.

3) ‘The town of Nin’ guided excursion.

Nin is a small town in vicinity of Zadar with rich, 3000 years long history. Situated on a small island, the old town of Nin is full of interesting historical sights, museums as well as surrounded by natural heritage sights. The excursion to Nin will start at 09:00 AM in front of the hotel Donat. Shortly upon arriving to Nin, participants of the conference will be addressed by the member of the local tourist board who will introduce them with the most important sights of Nin’s rich history. By the end of the guided tour, we will visit the Museum and quickly be guided through the most important parts of the museum. The last stop of the tour is reserved for the visit to Salt Museum of Nin. At the end of this tour you will have some free time to explore Nin. Expected return to Zadar around 12:30 PM.
*Excursion will be organized in case we have more than 25 applicants.

Conference participants interested in visiting some of the locations please send and application to inasea2018.zadar@gmail.com, not later than 12th of September.

Excursion will be fully covered so there is no need for the excursion fee.
The only condition is that we have minimum of 25 or 15(for the Zadar tour) applicants.

The guided tour will be conducted in English. All additional information will be provided a week before the start of the conference (meeting point, what to bring along, check out, etc.). Additional info about locations included in guided excursions is available on web-links.