Conference locations

The University is spread on few locations in the city. The conference venue place will be set around the area of Old campus building (Obala Petra Krešimira IV.).

We have prepared a map showing important locations on the area of Peninsula (old part of the city of Zadar). The map is available at the bottom of this announcement.

The main University building is situated in the Old town on the seafront. There are several ways to get from Hotel Donat to University of Zadar.


Main University building.


  1. By bus – staff at the hotel can lead you to the closest bus stop. From there you should get the bus number 8 or 5 that goes to the main bus station “Kolodvor”. If you are not sure, ask the driver as most of them speak good English. You can get off the bus at the “Mala pošta” or “Ljepotica” station and from there walk some 5 to 10 minutes to the Old Town.

Alternatively, you can go straight to the main bus station and from there take the bus 2, 4 or 9 that goes to the Old town (Poluotok). However, this option is needlessly longer than taking of at “Mala pošta” or “Ljepotica” and walking to the Old town.

One-way ticket for the bus is 10 Kunas and you can buy the ticket from the bus driver.

Click for an interactive map of city bus


  1. By foot – there is a 50-minute scenic walk from the Hotel Donat to the University of Zadar and the whole walk is by the seafront. You should just follow the street “Obala Kneza Trpimira”. You can shorten your trip by taking one of the traditional “Barkajola” rides. The Barkajoli have been connecting two ends of Zadar’s port for more than 800 years with their small rowboats. Their tradition has been passed on from father to son for centuries and has survived many challenges of modern times. The ride is cheap (5 Kunas) and short (less than 5 minutes) and will get you to the Old town quickly.  Just follow the street signs „Zadarski barkajoli. Boat-ride men of Zadar” and you will see the big red and white signal station at the pier.


Red and white signal station in the back of the barkajoli.

  1. By taxi – there are several taxi services in Zadar that will take to the Old Town for 25 to 40 Kunas.
  2. By Uber – Uber has a big network of drivers in Zadar so if you have an Uber app you can use it here.


Registration desk – second floor of Old campus building (Obala Petra Krešimira IV)

Opening reception – Museum of Ancient Glass Zadar ((Poljana Zemaljskog odbora 1)

Paper presentations – rooms 121, 124, 223 (second floor) and 131, 136, 137    third floor). of the Old campus building

Tea and coffee breaks – cooridor on the second floor of the Old Campus building

Wi-fi internet is avialable in all rooms at the University. All information regarding the wi-fi are available on the Reception desk.

Printing – If you need to print your paper or and other file there is a posibility to print in the University copy center located next to the “Barbakan” restaurant.

“Barbakan” Restaurant

For lunch we suggest the “Barbakan” restaurant which is located close to the conference venue (location on the map).  Barbakan is the name of a big student restaurant in Zadar. In Zadar, nobody calls it by its name (Barbakan) as they just call it “Velika menza” (’the big menza’’) or “DHM”. It is located right next to the main University building in the old city walls. If you have trouble finding it, just ask our student volunteers.


Restaurant Barbakan

It is a self-service restaurant; the meals are reasonably priced as the complete meal should be no more than 50 Kunas.

There are also several restaurants near the conference venue with a selection of various types of cuisines in different price ranges.

36570942_10213808188733656_1129147434694344704_nFor the complete map click here.