Suggested topics


Papers could be devoted to, but are not limited to the following topics:


  • history of nautical charts and the nautical cartography heritage,

  • challenges and importance of different methodological approaches,

  • the role and the importance of nautical charts,

  • the origin of nautical charts,

  • pre-geodetic and pre-hydrographic methods of spatial data acquisition,

  • accuracy of nautical charts and their reliability as navigational aids,

  • cartographic signs on nautical charts,

  • imaginaries of the sea: aesthetics and symbolism on nautical charts,

  • non-navigational elements on nautical charts (religious, political, etc.),

  • nautical charts as communication media,

  • toponymy: names and naming on nautical charts,

  • seas and oceans in the history of cartography,

  • sea atlases,

  • complements to nautical charts: portolani, pilot books, isolarios, travelogues,

  • navigational practices in the early modern period