2nd International Symposium Digital Humanities: Empowering Visibility of Croatian Cultural Heritage

The International Symposium on Digital Humanities: Empowering Visibility of Croatian Cultural Heritage

is the continuation of the 1st Symposium held in October 2016 under the title Creative Potential of Glagolitic Heritage. These symposiums are part of the scientific activities related to the project Digitization, bibliographic description and research of texts written in Glagolitic, Croatian Cyrillic and Latin scripts until the end of the 19th century in the Zadar and Šibenik area, which is organized by the Department of Information Sciences of the University of Zadar and Vestigia Manuscript Research Centre of the University of Graz and is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. Since the project is mainly focused on the digitization of Glagolitic heritage, and therefore a large number of topics related to Glagolism is expected, the symposium is included in the Year of the Glagolitic Script declared by the Zadar County.

The purpose of the Symposium is to cover topics from the areas defining and questioning digital humanities as a new science, as well as the description, research and access to cultural heritage in the digital environment, national and local guidelines and documents related to the digitization of cultural heritage, creative usage of cultural heritage, cultural tourism and including the community into the research of cultural heritage. Particular emphasis is placed on the presentation of methods and research results of cultural heritage, especially written heritage, namely manuscripts and old books and its fragments and watermarks, but also the research in archeology, underwater archeology, art history, linguistics, classical philology, philology, applied arts, etc.