The 17th NooJ International Conference 2023

Poveznica | Link

May 31st – June 2nd 2023

NooJ is a linguistic development environment software as well as a corpus processor. NooJ provides linguists with tools to develop dictionaries, Regular Grammars, Context-Free Grammars, Context-Sensitive Grammars, and Unrestricted Grammars as well as their graphical equivalents, to formalize various linguistic phenomena. NooJ’s multi-layer approach allows linguists to accumulate elementary descriptions across different linguistic levels.

NooJ is used as a corpus processor in the Digital Humanities as it allows researchers in the Social sciences to apply sophisticated queries to large corpora in real time, annotate texts automatically and perform various statistical analyses, etc.

NooJ’s linguistic engine has been integrated into various NLP applications that perform automatic semantic annotation, Named Entities Recognition, Information extraction, Paraphrase Generation, Business Intelligence, Machine Translator, Web Semantics, etc.

NooJ is a free open-source software promoted by the METASHARE European programme. It can run on Windows (C# .NET), macOS, LINUX and UNIX (Java). Its new engine and its source “RA” can be downloaded from GitLab and runs natively on Windows, macOS and LINUX.