Rethinking Childhood II : Child and Space

Poveznica | Link

June 1-3, 2023.

The second International Scientific and Artistic Conference Rethinking Childhood II aims to address issues concerning children and space, children’s perception and awareness of space, as well as reciprocal impact between space, children and childhood. The importance of space and its conceptual representation is easily recognized across different social sciences and humanities (pedagogy, psychology, sociology, philology, philosophy, kinesiology, anthropology, culture studies and childhood studies), and within the field of art. By reinventing and reconceptualizing space categories, and by associating them with children and childhood, we open the doors to different insights of the phenomena that are space and spatiality – starting from actual (physical) manifestations of space to children’s mental, emotional and creative representations and realizations of space, and finally, constructed (social) spaces surrounding childhood in general. Throughout their lives, humans adapt to the space around them, just as the surrounding space changes in relation to themselves, which means that the phenomenon of space associated with children and childhood is to be interpreted as a cultural construct of a specific segment of the space-time continuum. The link between the child (and consequently childhood) and the space is mutual and complex, and different researchers will surely suggest different vantage points on this relationship.