About Zadar


Zadar is both historically and culturally remarkable city. Due to different geopolitical and cultural influences that affected the city in the past, each monument tells its own unique story that ties it down to a particular historic event. Naturally, besides the contemporary architectural achievements such as the world’s first Sea Organ, both heritage sites and cultural artifacts stem from different times in history, whether ancient, medieval times or the renaissance.

If there’s anything that can match the city’s history and culture, it’s the wonderful nature that surrounds this little city. Starting from the beautiful archipelago, which counts 24 islands, to 3 nature parks in its vicinity: Telašćica, Velebit and Lake Vrana; as well as 5 national parks: Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes, Kornati islands, Krka and Northern Velebit.

Even the late famous director Alfred Hitchcock argued that the city has the most beautiful sunset in the whole world. After all, Zadar has been proclaimed as the best European destination of 2016. Hitchock’s opinion is matched by numerous tourists from all around the world who come to enjoy the intact nature, to be embraced by the sea and sunset, or to simply listen to the otherworldly Sea Organ sounds and enjoy the light-show spectacle of The Greeting to the Sun. Somewhat mysterious in its beauty, welcoming to every traveler, Zadar doesn’t leave any room for indifference.


Welcome to Zadar!